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Automotive Window Tinting Denver

Shine Window Tint & Autoworks is Denver's first choice for Premium, Professional Window Tinting. We offer Automotive Window Tinting products from American Standard Window Film (ASWF).

All Automotive Films include a Lifetime Warranty.




 All of our films offer a 99% UV Rejection. Window Tint can help reduce the fading of your car's interior and protect your skin from harmful Ultraviolet Rays. It's like wearing sunscreen and sunglasses every time you enter your car. 



Window Tint can hide your belonging's to help divert burglars and give you a layer of privacy that we all appreciate. We carry three shades 30%/15%/5%. 


Window Tint can significantly reduce cabin temperature. Window Tint is designed to block more than 70% of the sun's energy from entering the vehicle,maintain a cooler temperature when parked in the sun, keep you cooler as you drive, minimize the need for air conditioning, increase gas mileage and protect from skin cancer. Our films reject Solar Energy from 38 to 67 Percent giving you a superior ride no matter what the conditions are outside. Check out our ceramic line, Excel IRP for the very best in heat rejection.


Window tint has safety advantages including reducing glare and keeping glass together in the event if it shatters.

And lets just face it...vehicles look better with Window Tint.


We are a proud Dealer of American Standard Window Film (ASWF). Their proprietary coating process is the most advanced in the industry with a state of the art manufacturing plant and distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We carry two lines from their automotive Series of Films.



Our EXCEL Series is a Color Stable Film with 99% UV rejection and stand the test of time. Available in three shades 30/15/5 and includes a Factory backed Lifetime Warranty.



For the very best in Performance, we carry the EXCEL IRP line. With 85% Infrared Rejection and 99% UV Rejection, this Nano - Ceramic Film has superior Heat Rejection, optical clarity, and is color stable - non fading. Available in three shades 30/15/5 and includes a Factory backed Lifetime Warranty. 

Things to Consider Before and After Installation...

  • On average, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to prep/apply Window Film on a standard sedan.

  • A car wash is recommended before installation, this will reduce prep time.  

  • Remove belongings from the interior of your vehicle and installation areas.

  • After installation avoid rolling down tinted windows for at least 24 hours in warmer climates and 48 hours in cooler climates.

  • Water bubbles and some hazing often appear after installation, this is normal. Be patient and let the film cure. Parking the vehicle in direct sunlight will help speed up the process.

  • Legal requirements for vehicles registered in Colorado: Windshield – Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 4 inches of the windshield. Front Side Windows – Must allow more than 27% of light in. Back Side Windows – Must allow more than 27% of light in. Rear Window – Must allow more than 27% of light in.

  • Tint reflection for sedans: Front Side window No metallic or mirrored appearance. Back Side windows No metallic or mirrored appearance.

  • Tint reflection for SUV and Vans:Front Side windows No metallic or mirrored appearance. Back Side windows No metallic or mirrored appearance.

  • Restricted Colors: The tint color(s) of RED and AMBER are not legal by state law.

  • There is an additional fee for tint removal.


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