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Ceramic Coating Services

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What is Ceramic Coating? 


 Ceramic coatings, also commonly known as glass coatings, nano coatings, silica coatings and hydrophobic coatings, are defined as a semi-permanent, non-metallic, inorganic protective clear coat, that is applied on several type of different surfaces.


Why is it better than wax to protect my car?


1. Ceramic coating last 12 times longer than traditional wax or sealant. Considering a layer of wax may last around 1 month, you’ll need to reapply it 12 times a year. And sealants last about 6 months, so that’s twice a year that you’ll have to come back to the shop for reapplication.   


2. Saves 1/2 washing time

Ceramic coating cuts down cleaning time by half. That’s less portion of a Sunday you need to dedicate to washing your car. That’s also a shorter time spent cleaning up after  revving past a particularly muddy road. 


3. 10X effective against any weather

With 10 times more efficiency in combating harsh weather & foreign elements, your car is protected all seasons long with ceramic coating. Hot sun glaring down in summer? Ceramic coating fights UV rays. Windscreen iced over in winter? Glassparency Glass Treatment reduces deicing time.


4. 70% reduction in contaminant adherence

Ceramic coating reduces adherence, making your car easy to wash off. Parked under a tree & got sapped? Bird poop all over the hood? When you ceramic coat your car, it reduces the adherence of these contaminants & allow easier wash off. 


5. 90% less usage of harsh chemicals

Because ceramic coating allows easier contaminant removal, it also means that you don’t need to use harsh chemicals when cleaning. Just a quick soaping up & hosing down the whole car can already remove most of the debris


6.  Retains 90% of original gloss

Cars that leave the showroom shine like no other because they’re still fresh out of the paint shop. But after years down the dusty roads & heavy rain, the paint will begin to look dull. That’s why IGL Coatings ecocoat quartz is a popular choice. It retains the initial gloss that you love from the first day you got your ride.


7. Increases paint hardness by up to 200%

By increasing your paint hardness, your vehicle's paint will be less prone to scratches and micro marring from daily life. Your vehicle's finish will stay scratch free longer and if it is scratched due to daily life, the scratch will not be as deep.


Why have your vehicle ceramic coated by us using 3M Coatings?


1. Experienced Auto Detailing
Not just anyone can proudly wave the 3M
 flag in their shop. Shine Window Tint & Autoworks has experience of coating and protecting more than 100+ vehicles from exterior paint, trim, wheels, glass, interiors & more! We have over 10+ years of detailing experience and 6 years of Ceramic Coating experience. 


2. Durability & Warranty
3-5 year warranties are provided by Shine Window Tint & Autoworks with every ceramic coating job (subject to terms and conditions) we complete . Which provides an ease of mind for you, the customer.


3. Scheduled Maintenance
We ensure that the ceramic coating is constantly protecting your car, set scheduled maintenance appointments ensure that your vehicle is always looking its best. Either by running tests on your coating, adding a booster or iron removal wash.




   Simplified application

  • 100% active ingredients and low-VOC formula with no carrier solvents or strong vapors/odors

  • One formula for use on multiple surfaces, including metal, plastic trim, glass and wheels

  • Unique application system for ease of coverage

Premium performance

  • Long-lasting coating with excellent water beading

  • High-gloss shine maintains new-polish "wet look"

  • Durable chemical resistance stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap and more

  • Extremely slick surface allows for easier removal of dirt debris

Treatment options

One layer- Last up to 3 years with regular scheduled maintenance

Two layer- Last up to 5 years with regular scheduled maintenance

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