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Auto Detailing Services


Interior Cleaning 


There is no crumb we can't find. No stain we can't make go away. Bring us your tired, disgusting and faded interiors. We will have them looking showroom new in no time at all. For those of us who have an interior that really needs that deep clean beyond what is done in one of our packages, this is for you. We also offer steam cleaning and fabric shampooing services such carpet and fabric seats. Interior protection applications are available to keep it looking its best for many years to come.


Vac & Shine


Our entry level but not basic wash package. Utilizes the proven 2 bucket wash method with a wash solution that keeps shining long after we're finished. Deep clean of wheels. Tire dressing applied. Car hand dried to ensure streak free finish. We use a Nanoskin Autoscrub mitt to decontaminate the surface of the paint of any surface contaminants such as tree sap or iron deposits. We top it off with a long lasting wax or spray sealant to ensure that shine lasts for months, not weeks. Vacuum and wipe down interior. Light stain removal. Clean windows with a streak free solution and a final wipe down to make sure your vehicle is the cleanest one in the neighborhood. 


One Step Paint Correction


Designed to remove those unsightly moderate to minor scratches and swirl marks from improperly cared for paint, we take our proven Vac & Superior Shine process, and machine apply a 3 in 1 polish. This is designed to remove defects, clean paint surfaces, and protect your paint finish.  We will also apply a wax or spray sealant topper to really make your paint shine!


Multi-Step Paint Correction


One of our paint correction experts will evaluate your vehicle to determine the exact measures that need to be taken in order to bring your paint back to its natural brilliance. 1 step paint corrections generally remove 50% of paint imperfections whereas a 2 stage paint correction will fix 85%+ correctable defects. Now a 3 stage is considered a multi-step correction and the highest level tier with a 95%+ defect free finish of any scratches, swirls, oxidation, water spots and tree sap. Typically at this level anywhere from 12 to 24 hours is needed to properly restore the paint in your vehicle.


Special Services 


+ Headlight Restoration

+ Trim Restoration 

+ Engine Bay Cleaning

+ Leather Treatment

+ Leather Conditioning

+ Deep stain removal

+ Dog hair removal

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